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Vengeance is Mine by hufflepuffsneak (PG, gen, crossover with Marvel's Avengers, mentions of child abuse) - “Hey, I’m Natalie.” Natasha gave a name close to the truth, the child deserved that, but she hadn’t been a successful vengeance demon for the past six decades by handing out her true name to just anyone. (EDIT: Yay, the link is now working properly!)
Natasha as a vengeance demon! *_* Full disclosure: this ficlet was written for me as an Halloween treat (and at such it hits all my weak points... :D)

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All of these are pre-2013 postings. I just first discovered them recently.

1) The Butterfingers G. D. I. Stark Guide to Problem Solving by Epiphanyx7
Avengers verse
Starks' A. I. bots are building another bot. Adorable story.

So in the end there always ends up being some sort of tiny, insignificant anomaly --- not a mistake, or anything. Just a... a loophole, in the programming parameters. This line totally reminds me of a plotline from Freefall, and you can see another example of robots creating robots in Girl Genius.

The rest of the recs are busy wondering: if it's still the Day of the Dead, why aren't there more zombies skulking about ...  )
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5 Fics that include a non-BtVS verse
Either the story isn't BtVS at all or it's a BtVS crossover

1) Lyl Devil's In Another Life: When Willow's life is wiped clean, she makes a new one for herself in L. A. Crossover with Numb3rs; Willow/Don. Another story that was an absolute delight to reread. ;-)

The rest of the prompts are dipping their toes into the big kid's pool and wondering if it's safe ...  )
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AKA Joss Whedon: the best thing to happen to Natasha Romanoff, yay! Have some of my favorite fics (and podfics):

I have seen nearly every city by pprfaith - Buffy Summers and Natasha Romanov keep meeting. Eventually, they stop questioning it. (Avengers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover, R, gen) / With podfic by reena_jenkins

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Doctor Who/Firefly:
Time Fugitive by fajrdrako - Kaylee picks up a passenger. (R, Jack/Mal)
Extract: “Out of time,” she said. “You’re a man out of time, so far from home. Looking for lost parts of yourself. Looking for your Doctor.”

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