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1. Devouring Time, by [ profile] quinara
pre-series; one-shot.
Darla goes on safari! I love the portrayal of Darla here, that she will dare the hazardous African sun for the sheer experience of the thing. The writing is gorgeous, the whole thing is suffused with sunshine, the setting is beautifully evoked (and we all know how I am about setting). This fic reminds me anew just how much I love Darla.

2. Of All the Wonders I have Yet Heard, by [ profile] girlpire
AU Ats S3; one-shot
In which Darla became human there in the alley and lived to raise Connor with Angel. This is gorgeous and heartbreaking and beautifully written, and a great contrast to the side of Darla we saw above.

3. I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This, by [ profile] spuffyduds
post-BtVS S5
Sometime after "Epiphany," Darla, desperate, goes to Spike looking for help. This is Darla dealing with her pregnancy any way she can, and taking the time for a civil conversation with Spike before she moves on. I'm always a sucker for seeing interaction between people that we didn't see interact in fic, and this is a lovely example.

4. An End of It, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
pre-series; one-shot; Darla/OMC
Darla was around a long time before Angelus; the main character of this fic is one way she found to pass the time. It's partly Jean-Luc's story, but mostly this is Darla seen through another's eyes, and it's fascinating; one of my favorite outsider-POV fics of Darla I've seen.

5. Her Fault, by [ profile] selenak
Ats S2; one-shot
Sometime after the events of "Epiphany," Cordelia gets a vision: Darla's in trouble, and Cordelia's supposed to get her out of it. Yeah, that doesn't work out so well. There's never any love lost between these two, but they still manage to form an uneasy alliance in order to sort out their respective difficulties. Another neat fic of characters interaction that we didn't see much of in canon.
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