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1. Shadow Thought It Be, by [ profile] penwiper26. Giles/OFC.
In which one Elisabeth, itinerant academic and BtVS fan, stumbles into Sunnydale and can't figure out how to leave. Elisabeth is so fully realized a character, so rich in flaws and quirks, that I can't be bothered to care that according to the author this is technically a self-insert fic. The writing is intelligent and hilarious and wonderful, Elisabeth's frequent metafictional observations are great fun, and her gradual relationship with Giles totally worked for me. This is very much a fic that doesn't sound like it ought to work but really, really does.

2. Lilac City, by [ profile] nwhepcat. Xander/Faith.
Alex Harris is a recovering alcoholic and night manager at a Spokane grocery until vampires encroach on his territory and remind him of all his old life. Then the real plot begins. This is a glorious long love-letter to the Inland NW; as a one-time resident, I can confirm that Hepcat has all her details right. Xander's journey towards reinventing himself - again - is gradual and very nicely done, as is his relationship with Faith.

3. Culture Vultures, by Yahtzee. Willow/Oz.
In which Willow, Oz, Faith, and an OC spend a night in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, putting down literal demons and facing metaphorical ones. The voices here are wonderful, especially Faith's, and I very enjoyed Willow and Oz's slow negotiations towards some kind of post-series relationship. Great fun.

4. Courting Sin, by [ profile] leni_ba. Buffy/Angelus
A dark, disturbing fic of how things might have gone instead during BtVS S2. Claustrophobic and brooding, with a narrative style that skates on the edge of experimental; a really impressive example of the sort of thing it is.

5. After the Fall, by Elena B.
A wonderful ensemble fic of the long sad summer after "The Gift," this fic goes AU pretty fast while experimenting with POV to great success and doing some very nice character work indeed. The Xander, Spike, and Dawn segments are my favorites, but they are all worth reading (although beware some pretty, ah, bracing Willow characterization).

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