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Halfway There by [ profile] indri - PG-13 – Wonderfully spare account of Giles' journeys to rescue the Potentials in S7. She gives these many near nameless and faceless girls (and the ones who didn't make it) some real meaning, and makes Giles' life's work resonant.

Ask Illyria by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni - Ahahaha! She commands you to read it.

The Beauty of the Stars by [ profile] quinara - All – Illyria and Buffy body swap poetry. How often can one say that?

Little Shadow podfic by [ profile] 7pennies from a story by [ profile] witling. Not often we get much Spander from witling these days and BtVS or AtS podfic seems almost as rare. But here we get both!

In the Morning of the Magicians by [ profile] indri - PG-13 – As amazing a work as Halfway There was, this fic is more a promise than a payoff since it's to continue in a sequel. But there is plenty of reason to return to it. Her choice of details with which to describe and animate her characters lends a wonderful air of authenticity to how Ethan and Giles first met, and what sort of men each were at the time. A total treat.
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