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Well trust me to lower the tone eh? *g* But hey, erotica plays a large part in fan fiction in general let alone in our fandom, so no best of list could be without some great examples of this type of writing. So five fics that involve slavery or bondage in some way that I've read and enjoyed during the past year. All extremely well written of course...*g*

Finders Keepers by hello_spikey (N17 WIP)

An unusaul take on the slave fic genre. How to train a Vampire slave the easy way. *g*


Darkening Angel by hello_spikey (NC17 WIP)

A client of Wolfram and Hart show an unhealthy interest in Spike and approaches Angel with an offer he doesn't refuse...


The Grey Area by shylahmask (NC17 WIP)

Summary: Set somewhere around "Destiny." A man takes advantage of Spike's uneasy relationship with Angel. Another WIP but it's so worth a read and it's on the home stretch now. Her OC Ambrus is absolutly chilling.


Scheherazade by whichcloths (NC17)

Summary: Far in the future on a distant planet, Spike has been enslaved for centuries. In order to spare himself from a terrible fate, he must entertain his Master with tales of his vampire existence on Earth. Interesting and entertaining spin on the whole slave idea, with emphasis on Spike's tales of his past life and how he got to where he is now.


Gift Horse by shapinglight (NC17)

Setting: late AtS season 1/early AtS season 2
Rating: NC17, and surprise, surprise, Spike is not having a particularly nice time
Pairings: Spike/Angel, Angel/That would be telling

A slave story with as per with [livejournal.com profile] shapinglight a 'twist' at the end. It's posted on her locked fic lj, but it's easy enough to friend her and read. Highly recommended. :)


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