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Because nothing takes my mind off things like combinations of crack, fluff, smut, and Spuffy. When I think of every one of these fics, one of the first summaries that come to mind is "everything is happiness, and nothing hurts". None of the stories take themselves too seriously. Most of them are full of smut. All of them make me smile and laugh. (It's late. Sorry! I somehow thought the end time was midnight local.)

1. 10 Ways to Defrost Your Vampire Boyfriend by TerrusDacktellus (DactylGirl, [livejournal.com profile] lady_sybyl). I think the title says it all.

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I want to thank the mods for keeping this comm open for all of us to look back and celebrate the wonderful works and people in our beloved fandom. It's all too easy to dwell on the negative, and forget all the amazing things happening all around us.

So, may I have your attention a little longer for some awesome fanwork creators worthy of wider celebration and special mention:

From [livejournal.com profile] thenewbuzwuzz: Blackout Spuffy poetry made from shooting scripts. Such creativity!

1. Fool for Love (VAMPIRE...)
2. "Angel", "Doppelgängland" and "Welcome to the Hellmouth" ("what's it like where you are?...", "good girls...", "past SHATTERS...")
3. "Hush" and "Some Assembly Required" ("- CONTINUING - MORNING...", "at the graveyard...")

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The Final Cut by [livejournal.com profile] aadler: Dru is going after Jenny and Angelus is playing taunt the watcher. It’s Jenny, Giles, Ethan and Xander on a wicked adventure set in S2 after Angel lost his soul.
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Five Giles/Spike shortfics, by the request of [livejournal.com profile] spikesjojo.

Four Step Programme by [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni, R-rated. Post ‘The Gift’, Spike and Giles have reasons to get closer. More humour than angst or romance.

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Five stories featuring Dracula, because it seems appropriate for the season. Mostly comedy. (I know, poor count would be appalled).

...Or May I Call You Buffy? by MarcusRowland. Dracula is writing to Buffy. From hell. Because some guys clearly don't know when to stop.

Movie Night by [livejournal.com profile] dragonyphoenix (or here is AO3 link). Buffy, at the movies in Transylvania, runs into an old... well, friend isn't quite the right word.
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1. Brace Yourself by Enigmatic Blue. Spike / Buffy. A rewrite  of season 6 where Buffy more easily accepts her attraction to Spike. A ritual to free Spike of a curse has unexpected consequences. And, given this category, I’m pretty sure you know what those consequences are. *grin*

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1. The Very Secret Diary of Andrew Wells by deird1 - Andrew’s journal, not exactly what you’d expect

2. hearing, seeing by [livejournal.com profile] kwritten - Dawn and Spike, grieving for Buffy, take a road trip without telling anyone

3. The Twelfth Sister by rowan (littlerhymes) - just so you know, very dark, but I'm pretty sure you alreay know that.

4. All Set Down - Oh Goddess, yes!

5. devo79’s Blackout - I always cry at the end
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I'd love to say I'm so nice that I deliberately fulfilled [livejournal.com profile] red_satin_doll's request, but I just happend to have the same idea. Still, here you go.

1. A Nice Little Business by Lilachigh - Alice Pringle. Sounds like an OC, doesn’t she, but no, technically she fits this category. In the author’s words: the vampire lady referred to by Spike in The Replacement, when, sarcastically, he tells the Scoobies that he has been having a cup of tea with the lady who runs a tea-stall in the local garbage dump.
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Some favorite gen stories of the past year, arranged from shortest to longest.

Distractions by [livejournal.com profile] il_mio_capitano (Giles, Xander, PG). A library horror drabble that could really give you chills.

Parent Traps by [livejournal.com profile] aliceinkinkland (Willow, Anya, Xander, Tara, G). After "The Gift," Willow, Tara, Xander, and Anya discuss how they’re going to raise Dawn without turning into their own not-so-perfect parents.

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Some favorite crossover stories of the past year, arranged form shortest to longest.

All In A Day's Work by [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy (Buffy-centric, crossover with the song "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots", PG-13).
To be fair, Buffy wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to stop a giant robot about to attack Tokyo. But still, being told that someone else would handle it felt a bit weird.
Yes, it's crossover with a song. Yes, it works. Go read it!

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You didn't think I could stop at 5, did you?

Here are 5 more amazingly fab stories starring Willow.

1) Home is Where Your Heart Is (Willow, Xander, Sheila, Ira) by [livejournal.com profile] sandy_s: Another Spuffy legend tries her hand at Willow and once again does it exceedingly well. [livejournal.com profile] sandy_s gives us Willow's last visit with her parents but she also gives us a lovely evocation of the enduring friendship of Willow and Xander. A twofer that's twice as nice for that. This one has a core of sadness and resignation that really resonates. Oh, this one was written for [livejournal.com profile] whichwillow, as are the next two (and The Killer in Me, from my earlier list). That fest really inspires wonderful stories.

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Since [livejournal.com profile] rebcake stole part of my list (stole, I tell you!) as I was writing this, I had to modify it some.  In no particular order, here are five new contributors to fandom for whom I will drop whatever I'm doing and check out their latest work:

[livejournal.com profile] lady_sybyl, also known elsewhere as Dactylgirl and TerrusDacktellus (and SoulfulSpiketheKiller on Tumblr).  Dactylgirl gives good comic!fic, delivering wonderfully fun, in character, perceptive, touching, sometimes smutty, stories.  They are always well-written, and her character voices are amazing.  I highly recommend her Lost Continent series (Spuffy, S10).  She's also shown she can do angsty, serious storytelling in one of my new, personal all-time favorite fics: Empty Hearts and Heavy Hands (S5, Spuffy).  Even if Spuffy is not your favorite pairing, check that one out.  You won't be disappointed.

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It’s a new golden age for fans of good Spike/Buffy fic, much of it funny. There is a whole fresh crop of excellent writers dipping into the Buffyverse for the first time. Here are five that have found new things to say — in sparkling prose — about the pairing. In alphabetical order:

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The Lion Laying Down With The Lambness Of Xander And Larry by [livejournal.com profile] reremouse: Xander/Larry. What I'd pay to see the conclusion to this one? The Xander voice is perfection. The whole atmosphere is funny and witty and crazy. Xander and Larry in their most boy high school romance glory.

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy
Character: Lydia
Posted at [livejournal.com profile] open_on_sunday on July 30, 2014

This drabble is about Lydia (the Watcher). Her past, present, and future in 100 words. It just stuck with me.

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I know Gabrielle has already posted a dark fic list, but since it is almost Halloween, I thought we could stand to have another one. Here are five Xander fics that play in the shadows of the Buffy ‘verse. These are all dark and delicious and make me go ‘eeeeeek....’

Red Apple Falls by [livejournal.com profile] _dellamore makes me want to go hide under the bed. Bodies are stacking up all over Sunnydale. The Scoobies think they know who’s responsible, but only Xander knows why. It’s amazing what can happen when love becomes obsession. Make sure you read this with the light on.

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This round of Buffyverse Top 5 just wouldn't be complete without:

Conclusive Etymology of a Summers by [livejournal.com profile] clockwork_hart1 (Lucy). I love this story so much it inspired my very first fanfiction poster for another author. One of my favorite Buffy character studies, delicately etched and sympathetically observed. When it comes to Buffy Summers and the Summers sisters, Lucy owns my soul: She loved to watch her sister write. As Dawn scribbled and scrawled her soul down into books, she knew that the monks had given her a gift.

Civilian by [livejournal.com profile] velvetwhip (WIllow, Riley, mentions of Willow/Tara, Willow/Kennedy, Buffy/Riley and Riley/Sam, canon-compliant post-series)  A story aching with regret in every word as a chance encounter brings the terrible weight of memory crashing down about WIllow's ears. One of the best, most devastating endings of any fic I've read this year; packs an incredible wallop. If it doesn't hit you in the gut, we may need to check you for a pulse. There’s a story there and a painful one, but she’s not one to go poking at wounds to watch them bleed, so she puts a solicitous hand on his arm.

Three Coins in a Fountain by [livejournal.com profile] rahirah (POM-verse; Buffy/Spike, the Immortal; POM/Barbsverse). She stood, five foot two of righteous Slayer fury, and the Immortal actually took a step backwards. Told you she was out of your league, mate. This one is so much fun -  60-something Buffy  and Spike Summers-Pratt are given an assignment by the Immortal to fetch some rare coins. There are...complications. This was one of the fics that made it safe for me to be a Spuffy shipper again this year. I love that our heros are older, a little plumper, comfortable in their fuller bodies, still fully sensual and sexual beings; still as snarky, sarcastic and witty as ever. And chapter 1 inspired a very meta conversation between Barb and [livejournal.com profile] quinara re: Buffy and Spike's late seasons body issues and representation; how cool is that? Chapter 2; Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

PIece of Cake by [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_luvr; (Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel, Drusilla, Willow, Faith; mentions of Spike/Drusilla, and Angel/Dru). Lorelei's return to writing btvs fanfiction was one of the happiest events of the year, IMO.  If you haven't checked out her fag_ends ficlets, let [livejournal.com profile] shapinglight's rec list get you started. Piece of Cake was the winner of Best NC-17 at the last Round of Sunnydale Memorial fanfiction awards, deservedly so.  I don't read porn. I don't read NC-17. I sure as heck don't read all-human AU fics except...if anyone can get me to read one, it's [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_luvr. Superb characterization, sex that is genuinely sexy but she pulls no punches on issues of non-consent. My favorite chapters are actually the two featuring Willow, who is beautifully drawn here in a supporting role; she's becoming a Willow-writer to watch.

And finally one more from [livejournal.com profile] kwritten: taxes? - also complete here on AO3 (Buffy/Tara, Anya, Olivia, Dawn, AU S6) The remaining piece of the Finding a Balance B/T 'verse (more, please?) written for [livejournal.com profile] kikimay's prompt: taxes, Buffy S6 AU. Because I'm curious to see what you would do if you were Marti Noxon. This is the fic that opened up the Buffy/Tara, Dawn 'verse to the other ladies and introduced Olivia to it, which makes even richer. Anya gets to be the true hero, working on Buffy's taxes post-resurrection as she should have in the series, and negotiating with the WC on Buffy's behalf. A gem.
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In a mad rush to offer one more list before time runs out, I am offering up five stories which have nothing in common except for the fact that I really like them. Hope that's good enough.


1) These Five Words I Swear to You (Spike/Joyce) by [livejournal.com profile] angelskuuipo: Okay, I have to admit that I'm a big Joyce fan and I love seeing stories where she gets to take center stage. This? This is a crackerjack tale of Joyce being the center of Spike's attention at the best possible time. If you're looking for something that will bring happy tears to your eyes, this is your story. It's fabulous!

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Favorite lighthearted fic from past year, in order from shortest to longest.

Just Plain Evil by [livejournal.com profile] hello_spikey (Spike, Miss Kitty Fantastico, PG-13). Where everybody, including Tara, are doing very very very evil things.

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In no particular order...

Title: Happy Xmas (War is over)
Author: Seraphcelene
Rating: Mature
Summary:"Against the tide we struggle with the skin we're in." Dawn, after.
Why I chose it: The characterization of Dawn is so much more than what was explored in cannon. Dawn has never been a character I particularly like, but this made me sympathize with her. It's also BAngel friendly.

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A Half-Formed Thing by [livejournal.com profile] brutti_ma_buoni (Willow/Tara)
There's probably dozens of fics on the the topic "What if character X got split in two in 'The Replacement'", but this one is excellent - picking Willow apart, the good and the bad sprinkled liberally all over, refusing to pretend that either half is expendable.

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Some favorite year 2014 stories that - in one way or another - are about point of view. (Or at least I consider them to be.)
Any bad English in summaries is mine and shouldn't be blamed on fic authors.

Illusions (Angel, Spike, OC, PG-13) by [livejournal.com profile] ash_carpenter. Brilliant outsider POV story, showing that in Sunnydale getting it almost right is never enough. (And you read it right - ash wrote PG-13 gen story, her hand slipped.)
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Some favorite gen short stories from 2014 (and the hardest part here was to chose just 5).
Any bad English in summaries is mine and shouldn't be blamed on fic authors.

Building Character by [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy (Ensemble, PG-13). Unusual version of "Buffy came back wrong" and at the same time - genial meta-story about writing fanfiction. In order to fix Buffy scoobies are "rewriting" her backstory.
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Okay, here I am too! I wish to thank everyone who recommended other fics, especially the Spangel ones. I know some of them, since I did some time lurking the English fandom but saying nothing (Because I didn't know how to write), but it's really nice to discover other classics. It makes me feel part of the group.

So, my list: 5 fics with Spike as major character I love so much (There are too many Spike-centric fics in this fandom that I love and it's hard to pick just 5)

Beggars would Ride by [livejournal.com profile] wiseacress This is one of the first Spike/Angel fics I've ever read. It's painful, dark and gorgeously written. I love the dynamic between Angel and Spike and how they hurt each others. I'm a sucker for Spangel h/c.

19 Hours by Annie Sewell-Jennings. First English Spuffy fic. Just glorious. It's a post Chosen fic, it's Spike/Buffy-centric and there is a lot of glorious happy sex involved. If you love Spike and Buffy together you have to read this.

To Come Home To by [livejournal.com profile] snickfic Recently discovered and it's a series. Again with the Spuffy post-Chosen kinda happy place. This one is also about mpreg and believe me when I say that it's the greatest thing ever.

Stick Shift by [livejournal.com profile] stultiloquentia Spike. Buffy. Pegging. Hot. If you like hot Spuffy porn this is the thing for you.

A Raising in the Sun by [livejournal.com profile] rahirah I guess that everybody knows this one. It's actually my favorite part of the saga. I love it because it really feels S6-like and it's all Spike's POV and it's excellent.
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Spurred on by [livejournal.com profile] red_satin_doll here are five classic Spangel stories that I particularly love. (Someone already recced Friday, or that would have been top of the list, obviously. Also I don't have anything by Kita - sorry!) Have tried to list the fics as they happen within the shows' timeline.

1. Nothing Else Matters by [livejournal.com profile] estepheia. Summary: Having been beaten up by Buffy [in Dead Things] Spike drives to L.A. (This was the fic that brought me on board the Spike/Angel slash train. It is amazing and very hot.)

2. Lament for the Dead by [livejournal.com profile] stir_of_echoes. Summary: Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime/Therefore, we are saved by hope [...] (Post-Destiny. If you take 'that one time' literally, this could be it.)

3. His Body A Boat by [livejournal.com profile] romanyg. Summary: Some sex, some violence. Wha'd'ya want? It's S/A. (If you want 'classic' you can't get more classic than this. Absolute, pared-down perfection.)

4. Vicarious (redux) by [livejournal.com profile] lynnenne. Summary: Spike and Angel share their memories of Buffy. In bed. (Set post-TGiQ. The perfect coda.)

5. Desert Pixies Made Us Do It by [livejournal.com profile] nomelon. Summary: Angel and Spike in the desert. Stuff happens. (Could be post-NFA. Also, the summary doesn't do it justice - this is quite simply one of the funniest fics in existence!)
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Some historical fics that surprised me - either by the choice of setting or by the use of it.

A Lost Letter of Jane Austen and Darla's Letter by [livejournal.com profile] hello_spikey. A clergyman's daughter writes her sister about two new acquaintences, a Mr. and Mrs. Angelus.
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Spike and Xander are a great odd couple, if you like that sort of thing. Obviously lots of people do like it, and here is just a small sampling of some of the classics of the genre, in order of length:

Rehearsal by [livejournal.com profile] thebratqueen
A S4 basement of doom story in which Spike gives Xander instruction on the proper delivery of dirty talk. Pre-slash.
On LJ / On Author's Site / On Spanderfiles

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Okay, I'm pretty sure I've read Bit Parts before but I did just rediscover it.

1. Wolfling's and Wesleysgirl's All the Wrong Places. I've only read Part 1 so far but it is delightful. Doyle's trapped in a computer, about three years after he's died, talking or e-mailing actually with Wesley.

the other recs are exhausted and wondering if signing up for NaNoWriMo wasn't a mistake )
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Here are a few of my favorite Spike/Angel stories. Most of these contain explicit slash, none of them are workplace safe.

To Take You in - by Jessica Walker (aka Anonymous) This is a new twist on an old idea. Spike comes to Angel when he is chipped. But Jessica has a wonderful back story for Spike and Angel. The word Buffy is never mentioned, nor is Sunnydale. The story is told from Angel's POV, and the voice is excellent! http://www.fangedfour.com/fangs/fiction/anonymous.html

Time is the Fire in Which We Burn - I had to pick one story from Love that Dares, a website with all of Jenny's fiction. This is the first story in a long series. Her Spike/Angel fiction is hot, and her voices, including Wesley are spot on. I highly recommend all of her fiction. http://www.squashduck.com/ltd/spikeangelmain.htm

The Relevance of Spike - Author: stakeaclaim - "It was a big day. A hundred and twenty-five years. A quarter of the way through his second century and he’d decided today was the day it was all going to change" And it all does change, though not in ways anyone could expect. It's long, unpredictable and intricate, and it will keep you up all night. http://stakeaclaim.livejournal.com/714.html

You and I Collide - Author: spikesfool - it's dark, and painful. Spike crosses the line with Angel, and Angel makes him pay. Angel grows darker as he enjoys his payback. http://spring-spangel.livejournal.com/45738.html

Waking William - Author: Feliblanco. Spike has gotten his soul and he still has his chip. When he arrives in LA he is nearly dead from the abuse an attractive man who can't fight back, and who believes he deserves punishment, he has suffered. But the story goes off into some interesting directions beyond the h/c.
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I adore historical fics, and it was really hard to narrow this list down to five. You may be getting a "Five More" list soon!

1. Sweet William, by Peasant -- The early days of William and the Fanged Four. One of my favorite buffyverse fics, historical or otherwise.

2. A Winter's Tale, by Coquette -- The Fanged Four on a Northern journey. Beautiful writing, engrossing plot.

3. Delight Becomes Pictorial, by glossiolalia -- William/Angelus. Dark, hot.

4. Many Loves, by Anonymous -- The loves of William (and Spike), from turning until after The Gift.

5. Thicker Than Water, by Tara R. -- Shanghai, 1900. An encounter between Angelus and William. Or is it Angel and Spike?
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Five fics that will get under your skin:

1. The Loving Dead, by witling -- Xander is being haunted. Is it ghosts, or ghosts of the past? Eerie, atmospheric, and a little bit heartbreaking. A beautifully rendered Xander.

2. Macrame, by Anna S -- Willow overuses magic. Magic has consequences. As always, the writing is extraordinary. Spander.

3. Skin Deep, by Doyle -- A short and very scary season 7 AU. Yikes.

4. Cuckoo in the Nest, by liz marks -- A character study of Tony Harris, an all-too human monster. This will hit you like a punch to the gut. This one stuck with me for a long, long time.

5. Red Frame, White Light, by sparrow2000 -- Post-soul Spike's craziness takes a slightly different form. His encounter with Xander is shivery perfection.
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Some of my favorite ghost stories, mostly not scary and Spike-centric.
Any bad English and awkward phrasing in summaries is mine and shouldn't be blamed on fic authors.

What Happens In Vegas (Buffy/Spike, R) by [livejournal.com profile] rahirah. Buffy, Spike and haunted honeymoon suite. Absolutely perfect horror fluff (and even more perfect Buffy's voice).

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I think these five stories featuring Willow Rosenberg are all pretty darn awesome and I hope you agree:

1) Otherwise a Perfect Sky (Xander, Tara, Willow) by [livejournal.com profile] aadler - What can I say about this? It's brutal and yet somehow delicate, poetic yet gritty, and absolutely heartbreakingly perfect. This post-apocalyptic take on The Gift (a remix of [livejournal.com profile] deird1's also very terrific Come Crashing Down) stands with the best of them.

Four More Terrific Tales )
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Yay! I thougth this was starting tommorow but it's today! Oooh, and loving the batty background.

Of course I'm going to start with slash. Wow, and every single one of these has Giles in it. Fixated much?

1. Indri's In the Morning of the Magicians is now my head canon for Ripper/Ethan, how they met, and why they invoked Eyghon. Delightful.

the rest of the recs have started a donnybrook over what kind of porny music they should be playing )
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Five random fics that got under my skin in 2013.

In the Moment by [livejournal.com profile] whiskyinmind is small and beautifully formed. It’s a terrific look inside Faith’s head and just oozes regret and mighthavebeens.

And the rest… )
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My last list, which I'm doing now because I may be away this weekend.

Five fannish things I really enjoyed in 2013, in no particular order.

First, some wonderful meta from [livejournal.com profile] lostboy_lj, The Monomythology of Buffy. Buffy on Campbell's 'classic' hero's journey, all explained in pretty pictures. Brilliant!

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I freely admit to not reading as widely in the fandom as I used to. These days, I tend to stay in my comfort zone, which in my case, means I stick with tried and trusted authors. Very bad of me, and I hope there'll be more posts on the comm featuring new writers. But anyway, my tried and trusted authors are all very good and I don't feel guilty about reccing them repeatedly, so there.

So, five fics featuring Faith, all of them fabulous.

In Remission by [livejournal.com profile] quinara, post-series, PG. This was [livejournal.com profile] quinara's entry for [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy. Being [livejournal.com profile] quinara, though, it's very far from typical Spuffy (if there is such a thing), featuring an older and more careworn Buffy, a Spike who has got himself into a spot of bother (to put it mildly) while trying to be a good citizen (it's all Angel's fault really), and a truly fabulous, not to mention awesome, vampire Faith. I'd so love to see more.

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1) Forget-me-not by [livejournal.com profile] mierke: Ten years have passed since Chosen. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles meet by the crater where Sunnydale used to be every year to catch up on what's happening in their lives. Bittersweet and sad, shows you how the Scoobies have drifted apart yet still make time to see each other and catch up. Just like blood-related families on Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Check out the rest! )
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Bit of a feeble title, but these fics don't have an overarching theme, except that I enjoyed them all a lot.

Broken English by [livejournal.com profile] estepheia. Giles/Ethan, rated R.
Not only do I love this fic, but there was a long stretch of time when it looked like it wouldn't be finished (the first part was posted way back in 2007), but [livejournal.com profile] estepheia, despite being very busy in RL, came back and finished it. So pleased! A terrific story from a Buffyverse fandom legend.

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Five terrific fics from [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles 2013.

The Last Watcher by [livejournal.com profile] shapinglight is Giles/Ethan and a brilliant reminder that sometimes Giles at his most civil is also Giles at his most terrifying. Just lovely.

For more Giles loveliness... )
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No surprise, I suppose, that Willow fics are the subject of my list, but it's still worth doing. These are five fics which I feel represent some of the best stories written about Willow Rosenberg - or any character - in 2013.

1) Less and More Than Friends (Willow/Angel) by [livejournal.com profile] lilbreck: First of all, the writing is gorgeous - exquisitely opaque and delicate. Second, the story is dark at times, but in a quiet, insidiously creepy way that gets under your skin like a cold chill. Third... well, read it for yourself and you'll see everything I love about it and that you'll love too.

More Wonderful Willow )
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The Girl Who Falls Down Stairs by kaydeefalls – Work caution advised – A study of women in the Whedonverse and how they come into their various powers. An interesting take that shows a consistent storyline across the different properties of fear and reluctance, followed by a maturity and confidence after the transition.

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So who here doesn't like rec lists? That's what I thought. I try to keep track of good fic for characters that aren't part of the core group, both here and at [livejournal.com profile] fantas_magoria. Here are a few of my favorites, in order of appearance:

Lydia Chalmers, Watcher — Lydia first appeared in Checkpoint, and made Watcherdom adorable. Presumed dead in the bombing of the Council by the First.

Buffybot — Introduced in Intervention, this charming creation can do comedy and tragedy with equal panache. Destroyed by Hellions.

Holden Webster, Vampire — A one-episode vampire who gets to Buffy in entirely new ways. Risen and dusted in the course of Conversations with Dead People, but not forgotten

Harmony, Vampire Personal Assistant — AtS Season 5 Harmony is the poster girl for "Evil, Soulless Things Try Harder". Still ticking, but without, you know, a heartbeat.

Dana, Slayer — Our first hint that the Slayer Empowerment Spell wasn't going to cure all ills. Dana only appeared in Damage, but we know her existence is creating ripples throughout the Slayer organization.

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For all the depictions of mental illness and emotion dysfunction, there isn't a ton of Buffyverse fic showing our beloved (and not so beloved) characters getting professional help. Here are a few that go there:

Once in a Lullaby (Five Things That Happened Somewhere Else) by [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4 (PG13, Normal Again-verse Buffy)
Buffy has a disconcerting habit of killing her doctors. Therapeutically speaking.

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