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Another annual session has come to a close, and we'd like to thank everyone who contributed a list, as well as all the friendly voices welcoming the posts. This community would not exist without each of you.

We also need to announce a slight change in the community. As some of you no doubt noticed we were hit with spam posts several times during this session. This was probably because every time Top 5 is open it jumps into the Top 100 communities on LJ, so its activity likely attracts more spam. While we were able to delete these posts, we found that the spammers had already closed their accounts or had them deleted by LJ by the time we got to them.

In order to avoid further spam posts, we changed the community settings to have moderated membership. As our profile states, we welcome new members and will quickly grant posting access to anyone who wants to join and post. So if you haven't yet made posts and are concerned about what moderated membership means, that's the only reason for the switch.

There has also recently been a move by some to Dreamwidth and a lot more people have been backing up their content there. Top 5 has an account at Dreamwidth which archives all our past posts and is also open for new posts from anyone there who would like to take part.

Top 5 will open again on October 28th at midnight UTC for its Classic Recs session over Halloween. If you have any yet unposted lists for this session, please remember us then as we'll be looking forward to all your treats!
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