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The Carnivorous Carnival by [livejournal.com profile] bewilde
It's a few chapters in, but he's there. At least in every version of the story that I've read so far.
"This, Me of the Past, is what we in the Future call Pokémon Go. (..) With this Smart Phone, which I have through a clever mixture of magic and technology enabled to speak to servers in the Future, you can catch all of the Pokémon long before anyone else on Earth even has access to the game. You, my younger self, shall be the world’s first True Pokémon Master.”

Otherwise by Sigyn
In which life is kind to Andrew. It's only a small scene in Chapter 15, but I think it's both brilliant and heartwarming.
"“Awesome,” Larry said. He held his hand out to Andrew. “It’s really great to meet you, bro. Heard you were having a little trouble fitting in.”"
There's plenty of other reasons to read Otherwise. [livejournal.com profile] lusciousxander already covered some of them here. I'd like to add that many supporting characters get great character development and the plot is thrilling and presents real challenges for Spike and Buffy.

Flipped by [livejournal.com profile] robotgort
Andrew meets Spike and Buffy at the beginning of "Wrecked", absolutely ships them, and makes Star Wars references. For once (in this list), Andrew is there for most of the fic.
"Hey, can you guys go back to the part about Spike’s undying pledge? This would make a totally epic screenplay."

Belle South by sunalso
In Chapter 13, Andrew gets to officiate a Spuffy wedding.
"“I…wow…like…holy…” He stood up tall and clasped his hands together. “I will keep the secret of your grand love until my grave if needs be, but on one condition.”
Spike raised an eyebrow.
“Tell me about next season, but don’t make it too spoilery."

Immortal by Sigyn
Most of the Andrew goodness is in Chapter 9. It's laugh-out-loud hilarious. (But one or two nice things happen to Andrew in later chapters.)
"Once, upon the time of the new moon, a great hero made his way through the ancient cobbled streets of a hallowed city, bearing news of the greatest import for the champion of the world."
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