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Today my Tumblr feed included Alkeni's meta Amy Madison: A Dark Mirror and a Distant Echo. I'm not always big on meta but I did like this. It inlcuded a link to two of her stories, also about Amy Madison. I followed one of Alkeni's bookmarks and discovered stories by ScienceOfficerWillowRosenberg. So all of these recs come from me browsing off of a meta.

  1. The Spellbook and

  2. The Spellbook: Another Path which each posit that Catherine Madison's spellbook followed Amy to her Dad's house.

  3. Alkeni's bookmarks inluded a story written for him, The Morning After the Night Before Christmas, by ScienceOfficerWillowRosenberg. This goes back to one of the themes from the meta, that Amy is a distant echo of Faith. Two characters who've overindulged in their powers finding, maybe not redemption, but a chance to move on.

  4. Because of Bribery, I realized that I like stories where Faith influences Dawn, not necessarily in a bad way but at least in a mischevious way.

  5. Butterfiles - aww, the first time Tara rubbed Willow's belly.

Edited: 1/11/17: Alkeni is a guy. Fixed reference changing her to him.
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