Five Short Spuffy Stories posted at [ profile] sb_fag_ends (Part 1)

Jan. 7th, 2017 03:55 pm
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[ profile] sb_fag_ends is a community for posting short Spuffy works. I love short pieces, and you can find some of the best here! Here is just a sample:

The Faerie Queen by [ profile] shapinglight (1,000 words)
Titania, the queen of fairies is looking for the slayer. Spike gets in her way . Whimsical and atmospheric, it has such an unreal quality, and yet Spike is perfectly true to character. One of [ profile] shapinglight’s many talents.

Synchronized Moves [ profile] freecat15 (100 words)
Buffy and Spike fight demons. It’s more like a dance.

The Right Words by [ profile] feliciacraft
Buffy struggles to find the right way to let Spike know how she feels, until finally the damn breaks. The result is powerful and deep.
Part 1 (530 words)
Part 2 (940 words)

The Fun House Doors of Perception by [ profile] rebcake (540 words)
Spike was sure she would show up for more. But he didn’t expect her to be invisible. This ficlet follows Spike’s thoughts during their encounter in “Gone” as if the author was inside his head.

Fateful by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni (998 words)
In the wishverse, the Buffy and the white hats form an uneasy alliance.

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