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As usual, I can't collect five things in a particular category and time is running out, so here are five of my favourite fandom things from 2016.

First some wonderful fan art.

Venus and Mars by [ profile] rbfvid (Restfield). This piece was inspired by one of my fics (of the same name) but that's not why I'm reccing it. I'm reccing it because it's beautiful and clever, and in all ways absolutely superb.

Next a brilliantly written fic, which takes the Amnesia!Buffy trope and turns it into something poignant and chilling.
Memorial by [ profile] lyrstzha
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: mostly gen, past Angel/Buffy
Summary: What if, when Buffy ran away to LA after killing Angel, she actually couldn't remember who she was or what she was running from?

Now, back to the art.

Someone To Watch Over Me, by [ profile] chasingdemons. Again, this is a banner for a fic I wrote, but again, I think it stands on its own merit. It's absolutely beautiful and (not that it matters) a superb interpretation of the text.

More fic, this time from the sadly now closed [ profile] sb_fag_ends community's final Halloween challenge. The prompts were episode titles of the old cartoon series, Gargoyles.
There Used To Be by [ profile] foxstarreh
Rating: PG
Setting: Post-series (comics continuity applies, though you only really need to know that one day, a long way down the line, there will be a Slayer called Fray.
Prompt: Future Tense
Summary: Spike meets Fray. They reminisce about Buffy.

And finally, something daft and fun, also from [ profile] sb_fag_ends
Skating, Figures? by [ profile] double_dutchess.
It's a vid featuring a skating Spike and Buffy, and that's all I'm going to say. Enjoy.
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